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Our Vision


Our Story

At The Organik Co., we believe every little soul deserves the best start in life…

The Organik Co. is committed to helping you nurture and nourish your children and their wellness from the outside in, and in doing so have created a beautiful range of Australian-made, certified organic, baby skin care.

As a mother, qualified beauty therapist, makeup artist, and educator with over 12 years’ experience working for one of Australia’s largest natural cosmetic brands, lecturing at an award-winning hair and beauty academy, and co-owning a beauty salon I understood the importance and benefits in natural and organic skin care.

I remember a very popular baby shampoo was handed to me only hours after my first baby was born, (and yes – this was in the all-natural hospital birthing suite – I was horrified!) I politely said no thank you to the nurse and wondered if she realised what harmful ingredients were used to make this product…

Once we arrived home and I quickly started blending up my own bathing oil from our kitchen pantry to use in her first bath, at the time my husband thought I was crazy… It was after the arrival of our 2nd little girl that we realised what it was like to have a child who was prone to skin irritations such as eczema and severe nappy rash. I was being recommended to use steroid creams and a majority of products available on the market contained harsh chemicals such as parabens, talc, artificial fragrances, and sulphates to name a few. Using chemical-based products on my children was not an option, and the more research I did, only made it clearer to me that consumers were not being educated on the ingredients used in skin care products, particularly those for children… this is where the idea for the range of ‘Organik Babee’ was born…

In 2016, the development for the Organik Babee range began, working with industry experts who are leading the way in the formation of organic and natural skincare products. I created a luxury range of baby skincare products, with ingredients that are ethically sourced, gentle on the skin and kind to our earth.

I hope you enjoy the range as much as I have enjoyed creating these products for you and your family.

Our Mission

We believe in the purity of our children,
We believe in Australian natural & organic ingredients,
We believe in providing safe skincare to mothers, babies & children,
We believe in promoting healthier happier lives around the globe,
We believe education is the key to positive change.

Our Promise

The Organik Co. understands that when it comes to raising our children nothing but the best will do.  We understand that each and every day our goal is to protect our precious little ones from anything that may harm or upset them.

We PROMISE to offer high performing, natural and organic skincare, which you can safely use as an everyday product without added worry.  Our certified organic products are free from synthetic ingredients and preservatives such as talc, artificial fragrance, propylene glycol, mineral oils, silicone, phthalates, sulphates (SLS), PEGS, triclosan, phenoxyethanol and parabens.