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I am loving your baby products so much, so soft on my boy’s skin, the smell is subtle and not too much for them or myself, and it goes on their skin smooth and easy. We love your bath soak, its the perfect way for the boys to soak up some goodness into their skin.

We have also used the vapour and it is like magic, my youngest boy had a cold and I rubbed it on his back, chest and toes and it wasn’t strong like other products that help with colds on our babies skin, the very next day his runny noes was 100% better, we continued for a few nights! It worked like magic.

Thank you for creating products that work, but are organic and natural this is so incredibly important to me ♥️


Can’t recommend this brand highly enough! My little one had a patch of eczema that wouldn’t budge. Then I tried Organik Babee’s bath soak, followed by their massage oil, and within 3 days it was completely gone. Never returned since, and my babies skin is softer than ever. Thank you Organik Babee, you guys rock!! Xx


Now a winter essential in our home is the vapour lotion, I cannot believe how amazingly soft it left my darlings skin it was also non-greasy and smelt lovely. Thank you for a beautiful product and quick delivery we couldn’t ask for more! X